Contracts and Rentals

In accordance with School Board Policy FC adopted May 14, 2013, the School Board permits the use of school facilities for community purposes, in accordance with appropriate state and federal laws, provided that such use does not interfere with the educational program.  The full control of all facilities remains with the School Board.  The Board authorizes the Superintendent, or designee, and the Building Principal to grant permission for use by outside groups.  Decisions regarding requests to use school facilities are based on the following order of priority:
  • School-related organization; i.e., PTA, Boosters
  • City of Roanoke
  • Non-profit Roanoke-based organizations
  • Non-profit service groups outside Roanoke
  • Private interest groups
Use of any School property to engage in any partisan political activity supporting or opposing a candidate for public office or a political party is prohibited.

To reserve space for use of school facilities for community functions a facility use application and approval must be received.
1. All groups will contact the Facilities Rental Clerk at 540-853-2851 to verify that an application has been received. A timely submission of the facility use application with date(s) of event(s) and requested location(s) will help expedite the approval process.
2. Groups are not to contact the school/location directly. Please contact the Facility Rental Clerk at 540-853-2851 with inquiries regarding facility use.
3. The Facilities Rental Clerk will contact the school/location to determine if dates are available and  request permission from the school principal for the event.

4.  Please submit all facility requests within 21 business days of the requested date(s).
1. A completed contract must be submitted 21 business days prior to event.
2. Full payment must be made upon approval of the facility use application.
3. Priority of facility use:
          A. Schools
          B. Parks and Recreation Department
          C. Outside Groups

Application for Rental of School Facility

  Application for Rental of the William Fleming High School Stadium (William Fleming's Stadium is the only stadium available for use).

Facilities Rental Contact Information
                                          Ruffner Operations Center                                                    
                             3601 Ferncliff Avenue, N.W.; Room #201                                    
                                                          Roanoke, VA 24017                                                                    
                                 (540) 853-2851   Fax# (540) 853-6305   

Rental Payments:
Roanoke City Public School
Attn: Accounts Payable
40 Douglass Ave
Roanoke, VA 24012
40 Douglass Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA24012 Phone 540-853-2502