The following protocols may be used in the event of an emergency or critical incident.


This response protocol is used when locations outside of the school building are safer than inside the school.  It requires students, faculty and staff to exit the building and involves the controlled movement of students from the building to a pre-specified safe location, either to an area on the school grounds or to an off-site location, depending upon the nature of the incident.  In such cases, parents will be notified.  As with a fire drill, students remain outside until it is deemed safe to return to the building.

Hold and Secure:

This response protocol is used to prevent unauthorized entry if a threat is near the school campus i.e., a robbery in proximity to the school.  The school is secured from outside entry.  All outside activities are canceled, students are brought inside the building, all exterior doors are secured while staff and students are free to move about inside their building.  Security personnel monitor the main door to ensure that only individuals with legitimate school business enter.  The principal may decide to restrict activities in the building depending on the circumstances.


This response protocol is used to temporarily separate people from severe weather or hazardous outdoor atmosphere.  Students, staff and visitors are secured.  Individuals in modular classrooms are brought inside the school building.  Movement inside the building is limited.  Students are maintained in the classroom and instructional activities continue until it is deemed safe to return to regular activities.


Response protocol used to enhance security measures taken to protect against potentially violent intruders that may be inside the building or on the school site.  The school is secured from outside entry, movement inside the building is restricted and all doors are locked.  Classrooms lights are off and window blinds closed.

Drop, Cover, and Hold:

This response protocol is used when an explosion or earthquake, or other danger is imminent, evacuation is not feasible, and the stability of the building is threatened.  Students DROP to the ground, COVER under or near desks, tables, or chairs in a kneeling or sitting position, and HOLD onto table or chair legs.  Students remain in DROP position until it is deemed safe.

How can parents help during an emergency or critical incident?

Remain calm and cooperative with school and emergency responders.   Follow parent reunification and pickup procedures.

Remain close to the phone that is listed as your child's primary contact phone number.  The rapid parent notification system (robo calls) will be used.

Encourage your child to avoid using a cell phone unless directed by an adult.  Phone circuits may become overloaded, compromising emergency response efforts.

Monitor the school division website as well as Facebook
and Twitter.

Tune into the local television and radio stations.

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