Virtual Academy

Roanoke City Schools provides, through its Virtual Academy, the opportunity for both live (synchronous) and on-demand (asynchronous) instruction.  Each student has access to live and on-demand classes, course work, supplemental resources, and the ability to contact their teacher through their Canvas page.  Teachers are also available for questions and additional resources to enhance each student’s learning. 

It is important to remember, all students work at a different pace.  Canvas is a great resource for supplemental resources when students finish assignments quickly. Teachers can also provide additional resources by contacting them through Canvas. We’ve also included some additional links below, for other ideas to enhance learning.

For assistance regarding Virtual Academy please call (540) 853-2876.


Your child's schedule is available in StudentVue or on the calendar in Canvas. The times should be included or if your student is in Elementary School the times did not change. If you have any questions, you are of course welcome to email or call your Principal.

Technology Assistance

Students participating in the Virtual Academy who experience technology problems can click here for information on how to contact the IT Department for assistance.

Additional Resources for Students

Check Out Books

Roanoke City Public Libraries offers a variety of ways to check out books, including digital books!  You can find information on their Internet Resources by clicking here.

Take Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips are also a great opportunity for students to explore places of historical significance from the comfort of home!

Questions to ask students about these tours:   

  • If you were going to visit this place, what part would you be most excited to see?
  • Who would you want to take with you on your trip, and why?
  • What questions do you have about this location or the events that occurred there?

Below are examples of a few of our favorites:

Literacy + Content Resources

  • Newsela:  This website allows students to change the reading level of current news articles so it is appropriate for their reading level.  Students can pick from a wide variety of articles including politics, technology, science, and more!
  • CNN10:  Formerly known as the CNN Student News, this is a daily and objective 10-minute video that explores current events, geography, technology, and economics.
  • iCivics Family Resources:  ICivics is a great resource that helps students understand our democratic system and their role in it.  These activities are designed to be completed at home.
  • iCivics Games:  We love all of these games!  Our absolute favorite is Win the White House.  Students run their own presidential campaign in an effort to win the Electoral College and be elected President!

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