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The PASS Initiative provides laptops to participating RCPS students in grades 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 to focus on integrating 21st Century skills into school curriculum. The parents of 8th, 9th, 10th 11th and 12th grade students have the opportunity to allow their child to borrow a laptop from Roanoke City Public Schools for use at school and home until the end of the school year.

Q1. Who can receive a PASS laptop?
A. Students from the 5 Roanoke City Public Schools middle schools and 2 high schools are eligible to participate in the program. Parents must provide permission for the student loan by agreeing to the terms of the RCPS Laptop Agreement.

Q2. Where can I find an RCPS Laptop Agreement?
A. Contact your school administrator for a copy.

Q3. How long are the laptops available for loan?
A. Students laptops will be loaned for the length of the school year. See the loan agreement for return date.

Q4. What if I do not have Internet at home?
A. Student homework should be assigned based on student access to content. Teachers should make accommodations that allow for time to download required content prior to the end of class.

Q5. What should I do if my computer is not working properly?
A. If the computer is experiencing technical difficulty, deliver the laptop to the librarian at your school. Each school will typically have a technician on site for half of each school day to perform laptop repairs.

Q6. What if I lose my laptop or it is stolen?
A. While we understand accidents happen, we do expect students to take extra care of the loaned equipment. If a laptop should go missing the student should report the missing system to the school librarian.

If the laptop is stolen please refer to #2 of the RCPS Laptop - Student/Parent/Guardian Agreement for required action.

Q7. When I save a document I am unable find my file. Where does it go?
A. RCPS has programmed the PASS laptops to save all files in the "My Documents" folder. When students return to school and login to the division network the files are automatically backed up to the network drive. This helps to deter loss of files and assists students with organizing their documents.

Q8. Why am I unable to access some webpages on my home network?
A. RCPS computers filter web pages through a division content filter, for the protection of its users.

Q9. Can I print on my home printer?
A. Students may request to have a home print driver installed on their loaned RCPS computer while at school and if the appropriate information/software is provided. The division will not be able to guarantee support for non-RCPS equipment.


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