Share Carts
Posted on 09/03/2019
Garden City students posing with share cart in the cafeteria.You talked, we listened!  After suggestions from parents and staff, Roanoke City Schools are launching Share Carts this school year.  The goal is to increase consumption of nutritious foods and minimize food waste at our schools. 

Children don't always eat certain foods or beverages included with their meal.  Rather than throw away whole or unopened items, students can share with their classmates through the Share Cart.  In the cafeteria, there's a cooler that helps maintain proper food temperature.

Garden City Elementary launched the Share Cart the first week of school.  Principal Lane says it is a great opportunity for students to get an extra snack during the school day or take food home at the end of the day.

Roanoke City Schools have purchased twelve carts so far.  The goal is to expand the program throughout the school year.

Students hold the Mission Accepted in front of the Share Cartfood inside the cooler

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