Roanoke's Teacher of the Year
Posted on 05/11/2020
Myra Wasson holding her Teacher of the Year trophyCongratulations to Myra Wasson of Fallon Park Elementary for being named Roanoke's Teacher of the Year.  Ms. Wasson teaches fourth grade.  She received $1,000 from Hughes Associates and will now compete in the state competition.

Typically, Roanoke City Schools announces the winner during a fancy banquet.  In the age of COVID-19 and social distancing, this year's ceremony took place in a gymnasium with just a handful of people.  We can watch the announcement on our Facebook page

"Roanoke City is made up of incredible teachers and I have had the honor over the past ten years to work with so many of them.  At Fallon Park, we have the hardest working and most caring people possible...and we are in the trenches daily with our students.  What we do matters," said Ms. Wasson. 

Ms Wasson and Martha Chester holding a ceremonial $1,000 checkMs. wasson with Principal Mitchem

Jennifer ShamyJennifer Shamy of Roanoke Academy was the runner-up.  She received a $750 check from ESS.

Edna JanneyEdna Janney of ROTEC is the second runner-up.  She received $500 from Hughes Associates.

Ron Young holding a ceremonial check for $2,000Thanks to $2,000 from Durham School Services, each nominee will receive a gift card from Walmart and Starbucks.

Here are this year's nominees:

Ms. Spyhalski of Crystal Spring
Crystal Spring Elementary:  Peggy Spyhalski

Fairview's Teacher of the Year
Fairview Elementary:  Mary Elizabeth Luoma

Ms. Linkous of Fishburn Park
Fishburn Park Elementary:  Tracy Linkous

Timothy Spore
Forest Park Academy:  Timothy Spore

Ms. Fisher of Garden City Elementary
Garden City Elementary:  Nicole Fisher

Mr. Wages of the Governor's School
Governor's School:  Donald Wages

Joyce Bruce of Grandin Court
Grandin Court Elementary:  Joyce Bruce

Ms. McLaughlin of Highland Park Elementary
Highland Park Elementary:  Chwanda McLaughlin

Ms. Nixon of Hurt Park Elementary
Hurt Park Elementary:  Michelle Nixon

Ms. Knox of Breckinridge
James Breckinridge Middle:  Courtney Knox

Mr. Hale of James Madison Middle
James Madison Middle:  Andrew Hale

Mr. D'Angelo of Fishwick Middle
John P. Fishwick Middle:  Salvatore D'Angelo

Melissa Gates of Lincoln Terrace
Lincoln Terrace Elementary:  Melissa Gates

Lori Hall of Addison
Lucy Addison Middle:  Lori Hall

Ms. Coles of Monterey Elementary
Monterey Elementary:  Kirsten Coles

Ms. Lawson of Morningside
Morningside Elementary:  Mary Lawson

Corey Baldwin of Noel Taylor
Noel C. Taylor Academy:  Corey Baldwin

Travis Schmitt of Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry High School:  Travis Schmitt

Ms. Canales of Preston Park Elementary
Preston Park Elementary:  Laura Canales

Round Hill's Teacher of the Year
Round Hill Elementary:  Kristie Shanks

Ms. Holbrook of Virginia Heights Elementary
Virginia Heights Elementary:  Lynn Holbrook

Wasena's Teacher of the Year
Wasena Elementary:  Emily Dowdy

Ms. Larson of Westside Elementary
Westside Elementary:  Elizabeth Larson

William Fleming's Teacher of the Year
William Fleming High School:  Megan Louvet

Ms. Burks of Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson Middle:  Elizabeth Burks

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