Re-opening schools
Posted on 01/15/2021
Fallon Park teacher working with a student at her desk

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Please be aware, your student's bus route may change for the third-nine weeks. Click here 
to view the Third-Nine Weeks Bus Route Information.  

Update on Schedules for Third-Nine Weeks Updated: 
January 18, 2021

Our team is working to communicate student schedules for the third nine-weeks as soon as possible; however, technical difficulties with the records management system have caused a delay. 

High School Students

For high school students who are returning two-days a week for in-person instruction beginning January 25th, courses will remain the same. Again, every effort has been made to keep students with their current teachers. Student schedules will be available to view on the calendar located in Canvas, by Thursday, January 21, 2021. 

Students will attend in-person based on the first letter of their last name:

  • A – K will attend Monday and Tuesday
  • L – Z will attend Wednesday and Thursday

Students will receive primarily on-demand (asynchronous) instruction on the days they do not attend in-person.

Middle School Students

For middle school students who will be attending two-day, in-person instruction beginning January 25, 2021, schedules were mailed on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.  Middle school virtual schedules will remain the same.  As communicated previously, every effort has been made to maintain student schedules and to keep students with their current teachers.  However, there will be some exceptions based on COVID-19 restrictions and student and staff accommodations.

Students Attending Four Days a Week:

  • Pre-School: Teachers have communicated directly with parents/guardians
  • English Learners & Students with Disabilities participating in the special education setting more than 50% of their day will continue their current schedule.

Students Attending Virtually:

For students remaining virtual, schedules are available to view on the calendar in Canvas. 

Program Schools

Noel C. Taylor and Forest Park Academy students have received communications if their schedules changed. 

As we have stated previously, schedules and teachers may change due to unforeseen impacts caused by COVID-19.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we work to best serve our students. 

Overview of Learning Options for Third Nine Weeks (beginning January 25th)

Below is an overview of the approved plan for the third nine weeks. In the coming weeks, your school principal will communicate specific details for your student as we all prepare for the third nine weeks.

To view the full presentation presented during the School Board Meeting, click here.

Two Days Per Week In-Person Learning:

  • Elementary School Students: Continue to attend school two days a week for in-person learning. (Please note below the change for preschool students.)
  • Middle and High School Students: Attend school two days per week for in-person learning.

Students attending in-person learning two days per week will be split into two groups (your student’s principal will communicate the days your student will attend): 

  • Group A will attend Monday and Tuesday. 
  • Group B will attend Wednesday and Thursday. 

The remaining three days of the week, students will attend virtually, receiving for the most part on-demand (asynchronous) instruction.

Four Days Per Week In-Person Learning:

The following students will attend four days per week (Monday -Thursday) for in-person learning, and attend virtually on Friday for an on-demand (asynchronous) learning day:

  • Pre-School Students
  • Students with disabilities who participate in the special education setting more than 50% of their day
  • Level I English Learners (EL)

Virtual Academy:

The Virtual Academy for elementary students will continue for students who choose this learning option.

Middle and High School Virtual Academy students and their parents/guardians will be notified of their teacher during the week of January 18th.

For more information on Virtual Academy click here.

Bus Transportation and School Schedules

Buses will continue to maintain social distancing by transporting an average of 20 students per bus. Face coverings are required on buses and at school, if medically and developmentally appropriate. Masks are available for students and staff. Click here to view the Third-Nine Weeks Bus Route Information. 

Based on the transportation needs and intent form responses, student start and dismissal times, for Kindergarten through 12th grade (see below for preschool, Forest Park, and Noel Taylor) will be as follows:

7:30am – 1:30pm

  • Crystal Spring ES
  • Fishburn Park ES
  • Fairview ES
  • Highland Park ES
  • Hurt Park ES
  • Lincoln Terrace ES
  • Preston Park ES
  • Roanoke Academy ES
  • Round Hill ES
  • Virginia Heights ES
  • Wasena ES
  • Westside ES

8:30 am – 2:30 pm:

  • Garden City ES
  • Grandin Court ES
  • Monterey ES
  • Morningside ES
  • Level 1 English Learners (EL)

8:30 am – 3:30 pm:

  • Middle/High School Students with disabilities who participate in the special education setting more than 50% of their day

9:30 am – 3:30 pm:

  • James Breckinridge MS
  • James Madison MS
  • John Fishwick MS
  • Lucy Addison MS
  • Woodrow Wilson MS
  • Patrick Henry HS
  • William Fleming HS

Neither Patrick Henry or William Fleming High Schools will be requiring students to have a parking permit this year.


Teachers will contact parents/guardians directly with their student’s schedule for the third nine weeks. 


The Program Director at Noel Taylor Academy at Oakland will be in direct contact with parents and students regarding start and dismissal times for the third nine weeks.

Forest Park Academy will operating on a modified A day/B day hybrid schedule

Student Meals

Click here for times and locations for Grab and Go Meal Distribution.

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 to view past updates during the 2020-2021 school year.

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