Pies and sundaes
Posted on 03/15/2019
Westside principal with chocolate syrup all over his faceWe all love pie and a good old-fashioned hot fudge sundae, but would you want to actually wear them?  That scenario made for a fun treat for students at two elementary schools.

Pi Day is a big deal at Crystal Spring Elementary.  It is a tradition for fifth graders to throw pies at the principal for learning 50 or more digits of Pi.  Davis Jamison broke a school record this year by memorizing 373 digits.  Principal Tate is celebrating her 10th year as the recipient.  During that time, she's had more than 300 pies thrown at her--in good fun of course!

Principal Tate with whipped cream all over her faceCrystal Spring student throwing a piePrincipal Tate with David JamisonPrincipal Tate with a group of 5th graders

It wasn't pie, but sundaes, that were on the menu at Westside Elementary.   As an reward for reading books during Read Across America, students won a chance to turn their favorite teacher into human sundaes.  There was plenty of chocolate syrup and a LOT of cherries on top!

Nearly 50 students participated in the human sundae reading challenge.  One student read more than 4 hours worth of books.  Way to go.  These Westside staff members were certainly troopers!

Student pouring chocolate syrup on a Westside teacherWestside student holding a can of whipped creamA group of Westside teachers wearing garbage bags, covered in sundae stuffStudent pouring chocolate syrup on the assistant principal
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