New School Zone Speed Limits
Posted on 09/02/2019
Speed Limit sign that says 15 mphStudent safety is our top priority.  During the summer, the Roanoke City School Board and Roanoke City Council approved an ordinance that decreases the speed limit from 25 mph to 15 mph in certain neighborhood school zones in the City. 

The new speed limit will be in effect during arrival and dismissal of school.  Roanoke Police will increase its enforcement of the new speed limit.  Please reduce your speed and watch for children when passing through school zones.

flashing 15 mph speed limit sign

Schools and streets affected by the new speed limit include the following:

·    Breckinridge Middle School: Trinkle Avenue, Fleming Avenue, Winsloe Drive

·    Crystal Spring Elementary School: 26th Street. 27th Street, Rosalind Avenue, Carolina Avenue

·    Fairview Elementary School: Salem Turnpike, Westwood Boulevard, Troutland Avenue

·    Fallon Park Elementary School: Dale Avenue

·    Fishburn Park Elementary and James Madison Middle: Overland Road

·    Garden City Elementary School: Garden City Boulevard

·    Grandin Court Elementary School: Spessard Avenue, Spring Road

·    Highland Park Elementary School: 5th Street, Walnut Avenue, Albemarle Avenue

·    Hurt Park Elementary School: Salem Avenue

·    John P. Fishwick Middle School: Montrose Avenue, Murray Avenue, 9th Street

·    Lincoln Terrace Elementary School: Liberty Road

·    Lucy Addison Middle School: 5th Street, Carver Avenue

·    Monterey Elementary School: Oliver Road

·    Morningside Elementary School: Pechin Avenue, Wilson Street, Penmar Avenue

·    Preston Park Elementary School: Winsloe Drive, Preston Avenue

·    Roanoke Academy: Andrews Road, 19th Street

·    Round Hill Elementary: Oakland Boulevard

·    Virginia Heights Elementary School: Amherst Street, Denniston Avenue, Memorial Avenue

·    Wasena Elementary School: Main Street, Sherwood Avenue, Windsor Avenue

·    Westside Elementary School:  Westside Boulevard, Hershberger Road

·    Woodrow Wilson Middle School: Dudding Street. Carter Road

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