Help the Homeless Dodgeball Tournament
Posted on 10/03/2019
Breckinridge Faculty Team holding the trophy.  The second annual Help the Homeless Dodgeball Tournament was a huge success.  We are happy to announce we raised nearly $13,000 for the Help the Homeless Fund.  The money will be used to benefit homeless students in Roanoke City Schools.  THANK YOU for your support.

Congratulations to the faculty team at James Breckinridge Middle and the "Average Joes" from Patrick Henry High School for winning the tournament.  A shout out to the Fairview Elementary Team for raising more than $1,4000.  Collectively, Woodrow Wilson School raised close to $3,000. 

Thank you to SodexoMAGIC for donating the food for concessions and to all the volunteers for your hard-work.  This event was sponsored by the STAR Council.  It is a group of students from Patrick Henry and William Fleming High Schools whose mission is to help our homeless students.  The next fundraiser is the 4th annual Breakfast with Santa Saturday, December 7 at William Fleming High School.

Below are pictures from the Tournament.  You will also find links to each team's GoFundMe page in case you still want to donate. 

Fairview Elementary teamPlayer from Breckinridge jumping up in the air avoiding a dodgeballTeam from Woodrow Wilson MIddle sitting on the bleachersPatrick Henry student holding up two fingersThe Average Joes holding the trophyVolunteers posing at the concession standTwo ROTEC students posing together at the TournamentThree of the referees in the PH gymGroup of volunteers at Dodgeball TournamentMaintenance Team posing together
Here are the GoFundMe links for each team if you would like to donate:

Madison Student Team: Daj Mabal

Madison Student Team: Ball Dodge

Madison Student Team: Just Dodge It

Madison Student Team: The Boyz

PH Student Team: Dirty Bubbles

PH/WF/ROTEC Student Team: Hard Targets

PH Student Team: Average Joes

ROTEC Student Team: ROTEC Avengers

PH Student Team: Joe Mama

PH Student Team: Benchwarmers

ROTEC Student Team: Grease Monkeys

Woodrow Wilson Faculty Team

Woodrow Wilson Student Team: Phillies

Woodrow Wilson Student Team: 8th Graders

Woodrow Wilson Student Team: The Bellas

Woodrow Wilson Student Team: The Girl Scout Drop Outs

Woodrow Wilson Student Team: 6th Graders

Woodrow Wilson Student Team: Tater Tots

Woodrow Wilson Student Team: 7th Graders

Woodrow Wilson Student Team: The Breakaways

Highland Park Faculty Team

Westside Faculty Team

Breckinridge (Breck) Faculty Team

Breckinridge (Majors) Faculty Team

Breckinridge Student Team: Ballers

Ruffner/Maintenance Team

Fallon Park Faculty Team

Fairview Faculty Team

Round Hill Faculty Team

Fishwick Faculty Team

Fishwick Student Team: Chargers

Fishwick Student Team: Blue Diamonds

Fishwick Student Team: Beastmode
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