District Spelling Bee
Posted on 01/28/2020
Frankie Hughes holding the Spelling Bee Championship trophy.Woodrow Wilson Middle School is on a hit streak.  For the fourth consecutive year, a Woodrow Wilson student won the District Spelling Bee Competition.  This year's Bee took place at Lucy Addison Middle, and featured competitors from each of the middle schools.

This year's competition was intense.  It took 76 words and 28 rounds before Frankie Hughes was declared the winner.  The competitors had challenging words like "kurta," "diaphoresis," "calamitous," "connemara," and "brevet."  Frankie's winning word was "jumbo."  The Woordrow Wilson 7th grader will now compete in the Regional Spelling Bee in February.

Frances Livingston of James Madison Middle School was the runner-up.  She stepped in at the last minute as an alternate for Madison.  Other competitors included Zeila Tucker of Lucy Addison Middle, Conlan McNulty of James Breckinridge Middle, and Hayden Burd of John P. Fishwick Middle. 

Congratulations to all the competitors.  Thank you to WDBJ-TV's Brent Watts for being this year's Pronouncer. 

Five spelling bee competitors posing together on stageFishwick Middle School student pronouncing a wordAddison student competing during the BeeBreckinridge student at the microphoneJames Madison student competing in the Spelling BeeWinner posing with Principal Jenkins

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