Cookies with kindness at Roanoke Academy
Posted on 09/25/2019
Roanoke Academy student displaying her decorated cookie!Cookie Monster would be proud!  Roanoke Academy (RAMS) students are spreading kindness with a help of a tasty treat!  They call it the Cookies with Kindness Campaign. 

Second graders first read the book "A Little SPOT of Kindness."  It was the inspiration students needed to decorate sugar cookies with kind words. Using icing, they wrote words like love, great, and excite. 

Over the next few days, students will give the cookies to someone.  It could be a relative, a friend, or a classmate.  The recipient will receive a letter explaining why they were chosen. 

This was a great reading and writing activity that was full of kindness.  Way to go Roanoke Academy!

Roanoke Academy student holding her decorated cookieAide & student decorating a cookieA sheet of decorated cookiesA teacher with a group of students showcasing their cookies
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