Black History Month
Posted on 02/12/2019
Two Morningside Elementary students standing in front of the screen at the Grandin TheatreTo celebrate Black History Month, 5th graders from across the school district are taking a field trip to the Grandin Theatre.  Each week, students are seeing a film that highlights and celebrates Black History Month.

By the end of February, nearly 1,200 stuents will see a film at the Grandin Theatre.  This week, students saw the film "Akleeha and the Bee."  It is an inspirational story about an 11-year-old who overcomes stereotypes and challenges to win the national spelling bee.

Thanks to Roanoke Public Libraries, there is no cost to students.  Teachers receive educational booklets that correlate with each film.

At Westside Elementary, each grade is reading a book about African American History or from a famous black author.

Roanoke Academy (RAMS) held a Black History Month Program.  During the school-wide event, Principal Belton honored Judge Onzlee Ware of Roanoke. 

A group from Wasena Elementary at the Grandin Theatre  Grandin Court student watching the filmA group of Morningside students standing at the Grandin TheatreStudent watching a film
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