Instructional Technology Recertification Course Offerings
Spring 2019

Classes require attendance to face-to-face meetings and online coursework. Participants will need to attend all required face-to-face meetings for the full class time.

Please register on eSchedule as classes with low enrollment may be canceled.

Course: We Went 1:1.  Now what?
Instructor:  Justin Huffman
Date:   February 26;  March 12; March 26; April 9
Time: 4-5:30PM (first meeting), 4-5PM (all subsequent meetings)
Location: Ruffner
Target Audience:   Teachers in grades 8-12; Secondary Administrators
Recertification Points:  15
Course Description:   As school districts across the country become 1:1 learning environments, teachers and administrators often feel left behind and unprepared for the influx of technology in their schools.  Despite this frustration, research shows that successful 1:1 programs all possess similar characteristics.  This recertification course will cover best practices for teachers and administrators in a 1:1 environment.  Teachers will take away models and approaches to instruction that will make student devices an accepted and necessary part of daily instruction.  Administrators will learn to view modern classrooms differently, and see teaching differently than the pre-1:1 years.  
Course: Make Your Life Easier with OneNote Notebooks
Instructor: Susan Morrissette
Date: February 19; March 19
Time: 4:00-5:30
Location: Ruffner
Target Audience: Elementary School Teachers
Number of Recertification Points: 15
Course Description: Teachers will learn how to organize units in a OneNote Notebook. All the resources and information about an SOL can be kept in one place accessible from anywhere. Once the Notebook is created, teachers can add new information each year. This class will meet two times. The first meeting will be two hours, follow up class of 1.5 hours will be scheduled for additional help and to share what the teachers created.

Course:  Breakout with OneNote!
Instructor:  Mandy Horsley and Susan Morrissette
Date:   March 13, April 10
Time:   4:00- 5:30
Location:   Ruffner
Target Audience:   Teachers of Grades 3-12
Recertification Points:  20
Course Description:   Teachers will learn how to create collaborative and creative breakout activities using OneNote. 

Course: SMART Notebook Just Got Suiter 
Instructor: Susan Morrissette
Date: February  26; March 26
Time: 4:00-5:30
Location: Ruffner
Target Audience: All Teachers
Number of Recertification Points: 20
Course Description: Teachers will learn to use the new SMART Suite and create lessons using the SMART Lab. Teachers will create lessons using the SMART Lab activities and learn to put them in SMART Suite so students can access. They will be responsible for creating SMART Lab Activities, adding to SMART Suite, and have their students access their lessons on devices. Over the course of this class we will meet two times. The first meeting will be 2 hours, the other 1.5 hours, the last being a meeting where teachers will share what they have created.

Course: Wonderful World of Osmo Words
Instructor: Susan Morrissette and Mandy Horsley  
Date: March 6; April 3
Time: 4:00-5:30
Location: Ruffner
Target Audience: All Teachers
Number of Recertification Points: 10
Course Description: Teachers will learn how to use Osmo words and create their own word lessons specific to what they teach. Two meeting will be required in person. The first meeting will be 1.5 hours to introduce how to create new lessons in My Osmo. The second will be 1 hour for teachers to share the lessons they created with others in the class. 
Course:  Thinging, Tinkering and 3D Printing in the Classroom
Instructor:  April Hill
Date:  March 28
Time:  4:00 – 5:30  
Location:  Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Target Audience:  RCPS+ location teachers and any teachers with access to a 3D printer
Recertification Points:  20 points
Course Description:  Teachers will learning the basics to find, edit, and create items using the 3D printer in class.  Teachers will be introduced to Thingverse, TinkerCad, and MakerBot software.  This is a beginning course but please have basic knowledge of how to open a zip file and how to save files.  The first class will be to learn the basics.  The second will be 1 hour where teachers will share the lessons they created with others in the class. 
Course:  SOL Game Zone
Instructor: April Hill
Date: March 27
Time: 4:00 – 5:30
Location: Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Target Audience:  All Teachers
Recertification Points:  20  
Course Description:    Teacher will learn how games can engage the brain in the classroom.  Teachers will be given SMART board templates, Learn SMART Lab activities, be shown OSMO games, discover Formative, Learn Flip Quiz, and learn how Dash and Dot can change how students engage their brain in their classroom.   The first class will be to learn the games.  The second will be 1 hour where teachers will share the lessons they created with others in the class. 
Course:  Augment Your Classroom
Instructor:  April Hill
Date:  April 1; May 6
Time:  4:00 – 5:30  
Location:  Ruffner
Target Audience:  Classroom Teachers with Access to iPads  
Recertification Points:  20
Course Description:   Teacher will learn how to teach students using iPads and augmented reality to turn and zoom in on topics in math, science and the arts. Teachers will explore Merge Cube and leave with materials to create your own that will allow your students to explore the world of augmented reality and the miniverse.  We will also share how to create AR t-shirts to see interactives such as your liver and heart in action and to create AR posters to use in your classroom.  This class will require 2 meetings.  The first meeting is to learn the tools and the second is to share what you have created.  

Course:  Make Your Own Manipulatives with a Cricut 
Instructor:  April Hill 
Date: April 2; May 7
Time: 4:00 – 5:30   
Location: Ruffner
Target Audience:  All Classroom Teachers 
Recertification Points:  15
Course Description:  Have you ever wanted to make your own manipulatives and be really creative in your classroom but just did not know how to start? Are you a Circuit expert and want to try something new?  This class is designed for those that wish to use the Circuit technology to enhance learning in their classroom but creating great looking meaningful hands on activities. 

Course:  One site - MANY uses! -
Instructor:  Kevin Spencer
Date:  April 8, 2019
Time:  3:15 - 5:15 (plus two other face to face classes)
Location:  Round Hill Cafeteria
Target Audience:    All Teachers
Recertification Points:   20
Course Description: The website, has many uses. 
The site has tools for teachers to use for teaching (flashcards, games, scavenger hunts, word search and crosswords). There are also some tools to help out with classroom management (random name picker, progress indicator, certificate quiz). The teachers in this class will learn these tools and will plan and implement the tools into their lessons.
Course:  Inside/Out Learning (using technology to most effectively review material)
Instructor:  Kevin Spencer
Date:  April 1 (with two other face to face meetings)
Time: 3:15 to 5:15
Location: Round Hill Cafeteria
Target Audience:  ALL grade levels who assess students (ideally 3-12)  
Number of Recertification Points:  20
Course Description:  To prepare students for a test, we should be asking them to PULL information OUT of their brains, rather than trying to PUT concepts INTO their long-term memory. The very act of being quizzed actually helps students learn. Why not include low-stakes assessment as part of your everyday instruction?

Course:  BLOCK PARTY - CREATING video games with Bloxels EDU
Instructor:  Kevin Spencer
Date:   April 2
Time: 3:15
Location:  To Be Determined
Target Audience:  Elementary Teachers
Recertification Points: 20
Course Description:  The next step in education (and the technology sector) is for our students to be CREATORS instead of CONSUMERS. If a student could MAKE their own video game; the skills they acquire would prepare them for a future career in a field they are already passionate about.

Come join our group of teachers as we make our own video games and learn how to inspire the next generation through gaming. We will be using the free ipad app bloxels EDU. 

Course:  Bloxels Basics  
Instructor: Cory Bean
Date: 03/25/19, 04/29/19 
Time: 3:45 – 5:15    
Location: Hurt Park 
Target Audience:  All Classroom Teachers  
Number of Recertification Points: 15    
Course Description: Bloxels is not just another tech-enabled toy. It's a hands-on, brains-on, creativity and technology experience. Bloxels uniquely unlocks students’ innate creativity by leveraging something they love: video games. Students can play fun games and channel their creative potential as they gain greater understanding of important topics like design logic, and computer science and demonstrate their knowledge of history, science and mathematics and more through the games they create.   


Course: Be Safe! - Learn About Internet Safety and Copyright
Instructor: Angela Charboneau
Date: April 8
Time:   4:00-5:30
Location:  Ruffner
Target Audience:  All Staff
Recertification Points:  15 points
Course Description:  Teachers will learn how to be safe online and teach students good safety habits.  Teachers will also see how to locate royalty free content to prevent copyright infringement. 

Course:   Change the Reality of Your Classroom
Instructor:   Andrew Hartman and Josh Wilkinson
Date:  March 4
Time:  4:00-5:30
Location:   Ruffner
Target Audience:   Teachers Grades 6-12
Recertification Points:  12
Course Description:   Teachers will learn about augmented reality apps and resources available for use in the secondary classroom and ways they can improve student participation.

  Drop Everything and Make Your Life Easier
Instructor: Andrew Hartman and Josh Wilkinson
Date: March 12
Time: 4:00-5:30
Location: Patrick Henry High School
Target Audience: Teachers Grades 6-12
Recertification Points: 15
Course Description: Teachers will learn how to use features built into the Synergy Gradebook such as using dropbox to organize student work submissions, communicating with students and parents without creating a email list, and import grades.

Course: Intermediate Moodle 
Instructor: Tonnie Pack 
Date: March 14, 2019 

Time: 4:00 – 6:00 

Location: Ruffner    

Target Audience: Teachers with Moodle Experience

Recertification Points: 20 

Course Description: Moodle for the intermediate user to extend the users knowledge of Moodle. We explore advance features such as Chat, Forums, Blogs, Survey, Interactive Assessments and Interactive Media using H5P.  Participants should have experience with the basics of Moodle.

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