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RCPS Records Destruction Guidance

(Updated for 2021-2022 )

In the fall 2020, Virginia moved all records destruction tracking to an online (virtual) format.  The following provides updated guidance on management of records retention and destruction.  The RM-3 (Certificate of Records Destruction) is now the e-RM3 and is completed solely online.

Training Videos

e-RM3 Training video for form creators

e-RM3 Training video for approving officials (e.g. Department Heads, Directors, Coordinators, Principals)

e-RM-3 Training video for RCPS Records Officer

Documents Concerning the Completion of the e-RM-3

Guide for e-RM3 form creation

e-RM-3 Volume Equivalency Table

Retention Schedules for the Locality

e-RM-3 Form

Electronic e-RM-3 Form (virtual blank form)

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