File Format 
Use only ai format with Illustrator or eps format for Word documents. Do not reproduce on color logo on colored paper. It is acceptable to reproduce black only materials on colored paper trying to use lighter papers to match or compliment the Roanoke City Public Schools color palette. The logo should never be reproduced to smaller than 1 1/4 inches tall.
Acceptable Combinations 
These are the acceptable font sets for use with all communications pieces. Use the primary font as the default, and only the secondary set if the primary set is not available.

Primary font set 
Meta Normal Lightface, Roman 
Meta Normal Lightface, Italic 

Meta Normal, Roman
Meta Book, Roman
Meta Bold, Roman

Secondary font set 
Logo should be in upper right corner of letterhead with 1/2 inch from edge and top of the page.
Business Cards 
Cards should be printed in color rather than black and white.
40 Douglass Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA24012 Phone 540-853-2502