OPT OUT / OPT IN for Automated Phone Calls from Roanoke City Public Schools

Roanoke City Public Schools (RCPS) uses an automated (robocall) phone notification system called SchoolMessenger. When enrolling a student in a school and providing a phone number, the parent/guardian agrees to accept automated phone calls from the school.

Automated calls are closely related to the mission of the school and are intended to keep parents/guardians informed about school-related concerns. By providing a phone number to the school, the parent/guardian has agreed to accept automated calls from the school. Phone numbers are used only for school related purposes

You may choose to opt out of calls that do not fall under the “Emergency” designation. Examples of “Emergency” calls may include but are not limited to: Health and Safety, weather, threats/imminent danger and attendance.

Please perform one of the following steps to “Opt Out” of non-emergency calls:

  1. When an automated call is received, the individual answering the phone has the option to press 5, wait a moment, and then press 2 on the phone pad. The phone number on file will then be reviewed within two weeks and the number will be removed for non-emergency automated phone calls. Emergency calls will continue to be made to the phone number on file.
  2. Parent/Guardian may call the school where the student attends and notify the school of the request to opt-out of non-emergency calls.

“Opting In” to automated calls after “Opting Out”:

If the parent/guardian chooses to opt-in and be included again in non-emergency automated phone calls, the home school must be contacted where the student currently attends to convey the intent to opt in.

Please contact your school for further information or contact Student Support Services at 540-853-1393.

Receiving “Robocalls” in Error

Please call a representative of the Technology Department at 540-853-6070 if you believe you are receiving a “Robocall” in error. A representative of RCPS will work with you to address your concern. You must provide the name of the person and the entire phone number, including area code, which is being called in error.

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