Measuring and Monitoring a Vital Resource

Join us as we investigate, evaluate, and share important information about the environmental health of the watersheds found in the city of Roanoke.  Elementary and Middle School students are learning how to monitor watersheds using state of the art probeware, evaluating the data they collect, and sharing that data with the community.  Data has currently been provided by Fishburn Park Elementary School Focus for Environmental Science and Garden City Elementary School.

Check this site for additional data as we continue our study.

Water in the Valley is funded by the Roanoke City Public Schools and a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in partnership with the Western Virginia Water Authority.

Data can be found at the following links:
Fishburn Park Pond Data 04/14/2011
     Fishburn Data Excel
     Fishburn Data PDF
     Sample of Student Data

Carvin's Cove Data 04/18/2011
     Garden City Data Excel
     Garden City Data PDF

Carvin's Cove Data 05/11/2011
     Garden City Data Excel
     Garden City Data PDF

Data Collection Form

Watershed maps can be found at:
Virginia Watershed Map
Watershed Map with County Boundaries
Detailed Watershed Map

Watershed Resources:
Watershed Webquest
The Roanoke River and Virginia History
Roanoke River Basin Association
Which Way Do Rivers Run?

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