Monterey & Garden City help the needy
Posted on 03/13/2017
Four students from Monterey Elementary holding canned foods Each year, several of our schools hold canned food drives to benefit the Salvation Army.  Students at Monterey Elementary are putting out all the stops to help needy families in the Roanoke Valley.  They've already collected more than 500 cans of food.  They hope to collect several hundred more this week.

The class that collects the most cans will receive an ice cream party.  Several classes are neck and neck.  It could be down to the wire when the drive ends Friday.  Principal Strother says the drive helps teach students the importance of helping one another.

The Gator Club at Garden City Elementary just wrapped up a successful food drive.  Students collected cans to donate to the Roanoke Rescue Mission.  Their goal was 300!  They ended up collecting 908 cans.  Congratulations.  The class that donated the most cans will now receive a party.

Monterey student pointing to a chart that shows the progress of the food driveMonterey's students arms full of various cansGroup of students holding cans donated to the food driveGarden City Students with their teachers standing as a group holding donated can foodsGarden City student carrying a box full of donated foodThree Garden City students carrying out boxes of donated food
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